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A 2015 revision to my paper on the political divide in America

My apologies if you came here looking for something on canoeing.  There is a link if you’re interested to photos of the building of the canoe pictured above — bottom of the column to the right.  However, the main purpose of this site is to connect you to my study of the current political divide in America.  Of course there has always been some division regarding policies and legislative needs, but several things that have happened over the last 25 years or so have widened the gulf between Republicans and Democrats, or more specifically, between conservatives and progressives.

Shortly before the presidential elections in 2000 I undertook a comprehensive study of these two philosophies of government.  I wanted to write something explaining political positions for my grandchildren who were at or approaching college age.  I expected to write 10 – 15 pages.  Well, the more I got into it the more the project grew, but I felt that I had achieved an understanding well beyond my expectations.  So I put it here to share.

It has a lot of links to other sites where I found informative material.  Over time some of these links were no longer valid.  In Feb 2015 I undertook to resolve all broken links and make a few revisions.  Because the paper is pretty long I divided it into 14 parts for easier review via the web.  In answer to one request I added a link to a PDF of the complete document.  That link is at the end of the first section.

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